About Us

Improving quality of life by eliminating the stresses associated with invasive dental care.

What we do.

Our quest is to provide families with a personalized, stress-free patient:doctor experience unlike any other, while focusing on safety and facilitating the highest quality of surgical dental care possible.  

Why we exist.

Fear and anxiety perpetuate avoidance behaviors, which contribute to the rapid acceleration of dental disease. With the use of office-based sedation and anesthesia services, such evasive reactions can be eliminated, allowing for the delivery of ideal dental care in a stress-free, safe, and cost-efficient manner.

We treat patients with...

Extensive treatment needs.

Those for whom it would be more compassionate to complete extensive amounts of dental care in fewer office visits.

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Impaired abilities to communicate.

Young children, or those with special healthcare needs such as autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, or cerebral palsy, may be unable to communicate their needs or comfort level effectively during a procedure, making sedation or anesthesia a more comfortable option.

ADHD, behavioral, or psychiatric issues.

Those who are unable to remain still can make invasive care with sharp dental instruments potentially hazardous for the patient, dentist, and staff.

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Muscular disorders.

Patients with tremors, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, myopathies, or Tourette syndrome frequently require help remaining motionless during the delivery of dental care.

Hyperactive gag reflex or acute phobias.

Situational anxiety sometimes results in gagging, and difficulties coping with invasive dental treatments.

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Difficulty getting numb.

Anatomical variances sometimes make achieving profound localized anesthesia very challenging. Sedation and anesthesia allow for a more comfortable experience.

Lack of awareness during dental procedures.

Many patients simply desire a layer of insulation from the sounds, odors, and sensations which frequently make receiving dental care stress provoking. 

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About us.

Founded in 2017, Nebraska Dental Anesthesia (NEDA) was the first mobile dental anesthesiology group in the Cornhusker state. Composed of only Board Certified Dentist Anesthesiologists with an understanding of the medical, dental, and anesthesia needs of the patient, Dentist Anesthesiologists are considered the ideal anesthesia provider for the care of pediatric patients undergoing dental procedures, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.  

We offer a full range of sedation and anesthesia solutions exclusively for children and individuals with special healthcare needs undergoing dental treatment in a private dental facility.  This includes the use of advanced local anesthetic techniques, minimal, moderate & deep sedation, and a variety of general anesthesia options. We take tremendous pride in our ability to provide a range of options for our partnering dentists, as we realize that one methodology is not always ideal for every patient’s psychological, medical, or financial situation.

Our goal, from inception, has been to care for a select population of healthy patients that can be safely treated outside of a hospital setting – because healthy patients simply impede the treatment of sick patients in the formal hospital system.  These individuals can be safely treated in an office-based environment more efficiently and at dramatic cost savings to the family, insurance companies, and the medical system.  Ultimately, this reduces a major strain on our medical system, while providing a less stressful option for most patients.

Our mission statement.

Our mission is to provide superior, compassionate sedation & anesthesia services with an authentic commitment to safety, quality, excellence, innovation, and leadership.

Our vision.

To establish ourselves as the standard in quality for mobile office-based sedation & anesthesia services for dental patients on both a national and international basis.

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Patient-doctor communication is an essential part of clinical patient care and serves as the basis of a committed relationship.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.