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Dear Prospective Doctor,

On behalf of all our anesthesiologists, we would like to welcome you to our website. We think you will find its contents comprehensive and informative, but should you have questions pertaining to any aspect of our services or regarding your office’s specific sedation or anesthesia needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The establishment of Nebraska Dental Anesthesia revolved around a few important goals………… 

First and foremost, to provide our patients with only the safest sedation and anesthesia care possible. You will find that our doctors have only the most advanced anesthesia equipment and monitoring technology, have each attained the highest level of education & credentialing possible, and maintain certification in basic & advanced life support for both children and adults. There is really no expense too large for us to skimp on our mutual patient’s safety, as we realize that a mistake on our part impacts both our future as well as yours. When we work with your office, our primary focus will always be to protect you and your office’s reputation. We simply do not take risks and will always defer patient care should we not be 100% confident that a patient is an ideal candidate for a pending procedure. We always appreciate your support should we need to cancel a case for a health reason or even due to a lack of health information. 

Our second goal is to emphasize individualized, one-on-one patient care. Our patients will never have a secretary, assistant, or nurse providing any facet of their care. Rather, our doctors will individually attend to each and every aspect of this process, and parents will always have direct access to their anesthesiologist before and after care. In addition to monitoring every aspect of the clinical care and recovery, our anesthesiologists will personally complete the initial consultation, pre-operative telephone reminders in the days leading up to the procedure, consultations with a physician, and any needed follow-up care. Absolutely no detail will be left out. In addition, every parent will receive the anesthesiologist’s personal contact information with an open invitation to use it as needed 24/7. Our desire is to make this process as stress-free as possible for everyone, from start to finish, and you can expect us to always go the extra mile.   

And lastly, our third goal is to expand your office’s access to sedation & anesthesia services in an affordable way. It is too often that patients with extensive dental needs require sedation or anesthesia but simply cannot afford the facility and anesthesia costs. Even in instances where a family has an insurance policy with anesthesia benefits, out-of-pocket expenses can still exceed $6,000 after insurance coverage. We’ve streamlined this process and cut out all the unnecessary and excessive costs associated with receiving anesthesia services within the formal medical healthcare system. In return, the cost savings allow more and more families to afford comfortable treatment within a timely fashion.  No longer will you need to wait months for OR space at your local hospital or surgical center setting.  No longer will your OR block time get decreased or cancelled for a more profitable specialty.  No longer will you or your staff need to obtain or update facility credentials.  No longer will you need to pack up your equipment and materials and travel to a secondary facility.

If you’re interested in offering the ultimate in quality anesthesia care to your patients, in a safe and cost effective way, please contact us ( so we can discuss your office’s particular sedation and anesthesia needs.  

Additional information specifically created for you, the practicing dentist, can be accessed by entering your Name, Dental License Number, and E-mail Address below.  We truly look forward to working with you and your staff.    

Drs. Jeffrey Brownstein & Luke Nicholson
Board Certified Dentist Anesthesiologists

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