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Office safety and practitioner benefits.

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Safety checklists.

Similar to the airline industry, we perform an extensive series of checklists before every case to ensure that all emergency equipment, medications, and safety nets are in place and in proper working order. 

Mitigating risk.

Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to mitigate the risk to you and your office.  Whether it is going the extra mile to ensure that parents are well-educated on the pending procedure and alternative options, creating a strict protocol for patient inclusion, or maintaining the highest levels of certification and liability coverage possible — we will always consider what is best for your longterm wellbeing and professional reputation.

Pre-Operative Assessment. Although there are some inherent risks, the safety record for office-based sedation and anesthesia administered by a Board-Certified Dentist Anesthesiologist is unsurpassed by any other professional. Because safety is our primary objective, all patients require a recent pre-operative physical evaluation by their pediatrician from which we will identify prospective patients for this type of ambulatory care. The pre-operative evaluation is the most important part of this procedure. It will help us determine whether the candidate meets all the criteria for obtaining sedation and anesthesia in an office-based setting. A multi-faceted pre-operative assessment mitigates risk and is required for all patients. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that every piece of available information is used while establishing inclusion.

Post-Operative Assessment.  During the recovery period, the patient will be continuously monitored until reaching a point where they are able to maintain all their protective reflexes and are emerging from sedation or anesthesia safely. When appropriate, the anesthesiologist will conduct a series of tests to confirm that they are ready to be discharged into the care of a responsible parent or guardian. Patients will not be released until they have met specific criteria that ensure their safety while fully recovering at home, and parents confirm that they are comfortable monitoring this recovery period. This process is never rushed, as we encourage parents to remain at the office until they are 100% confident in their ability to supervise their child. Later in the afternoon, we will follow up with the parents via phone, to ensure the patient has fully recovered from the procedure, and to answer any final questions. Furthermore, parents will always have direct access to the anesthesiologist that treated their child.

Our equipment.

Patients are monitored with the exact same hospital-grade equipment that is used in a surgical center or hospital operating room setting. Our board-certified anesthesiologists are outfitted with the most advanced monitoring equipment available, which will be used to transform your dental operatory into a mobile operating suite, right in the comforts of your dental office. 

Practitioner benefits.

New revenue stream.

When services are delivered right from your office, you have the ability to charge the patient a facility fee to cover office expenses such as oxygen/nitrous oxide, disposable products, distilled water, paper, etc. This creates a new revenue stream, as offices typically collect an additional $100-250 per GA visit.

No need to pack or travel.

Office-based care maximizes the use of your office space, by keeping sedation & anesthesia services right in the comforts of a familiar working space with all your supplies, materials, and equipment at your immediate fingertips. No need for staff to pack-up equipment and supplies for transport to and from an external facility.

No credentials or dictation.

Our mobile services eliminate the need for establishing and maintaining facility credentials for both you and your auxiliary staff, while also completely eliminating the need for you to record and sign off on post-operative dictation notes on behalf of the hospital or ambulatory surgical facility.

Profitable downtime.

We encourage offices to schedule brief patient visits between general anesthesia cases while the surgical suite is being cleaned and prepared for the next case. Emergency or recall visits are ideal and help to maximize staff and doctor productivity.

Patient portal advantage.

Our state-of-the art Portal System minimizes the administrative responsibilities of your staff, eliminates time dedicated to collecting medical information and payments on our behalf, and terminates the need for booking hospital OR space.

Solidified procedure times.

No longer will you be at the mercy of the hospital scheduler for securing blocked OR time with the possibility of having cases delayed or completely bumped for medical procedures that the hospital deems as more important or profitable for the facility.

Qualifications & Experience

Certified by the American Dental Board of Anesthesiology

Permitted by the Nebraska, South Dakota, & Arizona State Dental Boards

Certified by the National Dental Board of Anesthesiology

Basic Life Support Credentials

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Credentials

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Credentials

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