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Our process.

Getting started with NEDA.

Preparing for our office-based services is simple. Please download this checklist to help simplify this process.


Billing and collections.

How we bill and collect for services.

Fees will be collected directly from the parents through the NEDA Patient Portal, starting with an initial deposit to retain our future services, and followed by a balance payment in the days leading up to the sedation or anesthesia procedure.  Full payment for services is required prior to the onset of care.  Dental offices may easily verify that each payment has been made using their Portal System access.

Insurance coverage.

How dental & medical insurances works.

Few dental insurance policies provide coverage for sedation & anesthesia services provided during the delivery of dental care in an office-based setting, unless it is during an invasive surgical procedure.  Despite this, the out-of-pocket cost of our services is far less than the out-of-pocket insurance copay associated with anesthesia and facility fees when completed within a hospital setting.

Upon completion of a child’s care, the NEDA Portal System will generate an itemized receipt appropriate for submittal to either the family’s dental or medical insurance company for possible reimbursement for these services.  Parents will always have access to this receipt by utilizing their secure login information.

A state-of-the-art portal system to simplify your staff's life.

The last thing we want is for your staff to feel burdened by the collection of vital patient information on our behalf.  Thus, we created a state-of-the-art, dynamic Portal System to simplify and reduce the efforts required from your front office dental team.  This Portal System eliminates the onerous task of collecting necessary patient information, and instead requires the patient’s parents to input or upload essential information directly into the system, where both the dental office and anesthesia team may view all information pertaining to the upcoming sedation or anesthesia visit.  

We promise your staff will learn how to navigate this streamlined process quickly and will find it simple to use.  After they help a parent create a Username and Password, their only additional responsibility will be to periodically log into the Portal System to verify that all parental tasks have been completed.  And if not, with a simple “click” of a button, they can activate the Portal System’s messaging module, which will automatically send an e-mail reminder to the patient’s parents. 

If your staff is accustomed to collecting lots patient information for your hospital or surgery center cases, they’ll quickly recapture hours of lost time, and realize that it truly doesn’t get any easier than this system.

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